3 Hacks to Make Feeding Kids Easier

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We’ve put together this list of hacks to make feeding your kids easier. In our minds were parents with kids of all ages, from newborns, to those just starting foods, to toddlers up to tweens. Ready to make the most out of your time, make clean up easier and get your little one to eat more healthy food? Let’s do this.

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Hack 1: Invest in kitchen equipment that makes cooking easier

Getting the right equipment is really the best way to make feeding your kids easier. Our two favorites are the Vitamix blender and the Instant Pot. Why? Say hello to the ultimate multi-taskers. 

A Vitamix blender can make everything from baby food, smoothies to soup. Smoothies and soups are great ways to sneak in more protein or vegetables into your little ones diets. We also love it to make baby food. Seriously, there is no need to buy a special baby food maker, when you can use this for life. 

Next up, the Instant Pot. I’ll admit I was scared to switch from my handy crockpot to an instant pot, but wow, now that we’ve done it we are not going back. An Instant Pot can handle it all, but what’s great is the cooking time. What would normally take all day in a slow cooker, or hours in an oven or stove top can get done in minutes. 

Seriously, this is like outsourcing dinner to a machine. Sounds like too much tech? Just trust us. There’s no going back.

Hack 2: Plan ahead to make clean up easier

Clean up is the worst! Especially after a long day at home with lots of dishes. This hack makes feeding your kids easier by making your life easier. If you make one meal and then eat it later, technically you don’t have to do as much cleaning after you eat! Double points if you make a few meals all at once.

We love Stasher Bags to help you and your dinner go from the freezer to the table in no time. Seriously, these little bags can do it all. For example, if you freeze soup in it, you can add the bag to boiling water to reheat it. The material is silicone and has no fillers or gross stuff, so it stands up to our safety test. 

Second, for parents of the little ones, cover up. Cover up your floor and cover up your baby. For the floor, we love this mat because it is so easy to clean. Same with this bib. It has sleeves!

Hack 3: Get your kids involved in the kitchen to make feeding your kids easier AND to solve problems you don’t even have yet!

This one is our favorite. Why? Because getting your kids in the kitchen has lots of benefits, from creating an activity to squashing picky eating before it happens. The best news? You can start this really young. One of our favorite products allows you to pull your kid right up to the counter. You can also find lots of age-appropriate cooking and baking tools. Foublie’s got a full round up of equipment worth checking out. 

For the older ones, it’s fun to get them involved to pick out what’s for dinner, go to the grocery store to see the food and then help make it. Nothing makes dinner easier, than having your kids be excited to eat it. Getting them involved is proven to do just that. 

Need some recipe inspiration? We’ve got a collection of recipes, designed for kids toddler and up. 

You’ve got this!

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