Reading Hunger and Full Cues
Your 3 Month Old Baby

You and your 3 month old baby are in a groove now! How special it is to bond with baby? Since breast and formula feeding is still happening all the time, we thought we’d recap the hunger cues at 3 months. Read til the end, we have some tips you should keep in mind about your baby being an intuitive eater.

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Now back to 3 months!

Early cues: Hey Mom, I’m hungry!

  • Licking lips, mouthing
  • Sucking 
  • Rooting (turning head and opening mouth)


Cues: Hey Mom, I’m REALLY hungry

  • Putting her hand to her mouth
  • Fidgeting, squirming
  • Trying to get to your boob or bottle


Late Cues: Hey Mom, Calm me down first, then feed me

  • Fussing
  • Agitated
  • Red face
  • Crying


Now what does your baby do when he/she is full?

  • Closing lips
  • Turning their head away 
  • Interest in their surroundings other than the food 
  • Pushing boob or bottle away
  • Shaking head 


Other things you must keep in mind as you read your baby’s cues

Now, read on if there has been a time when you think to yourself “mom knows best, and you need to eat more” or “dad thinks you didn’t get enough”. 


Your baby knows what he/she needs

Babies are born with the ability to command breastmilk when hungry and stop when full. There is a theory in nutrition that states that everyone is born to be an intuitive eater, because even as infants we can read our own cues. 


Your role is to trust that your baby will take what he/she needs

As a parent, our role is to read our baby’s cues and trust their ability to regulate how much their little bodies need. This is true when babies are only bottle and breastfed. 


Remember the amount your baby will eat will vary

Think of your own body. Some days you eat more than others. This is true with your baby too. This is normal. There is no need to force your kid to eat. If you are the kind of person who likes to track and compare, you might need to relax a bit. Try not to have a consumption goal for your baby. This is hard to zone out when it’s everywhere. You can cover up the ounce lines from bottles.


Think you’re not making enough milk?

You probably ARE! But growth spurts, clogged ducts and other things can shake our confidence. Read more to regain your milk making ump here


Special consideration if your kid is not growing well

If your child is not growing well, then Foublie has other ways to support you. If your child has dropped from his or her own growth curve, we do need to take special attention to how much your baby eats. Your pediatrician may use a term called “failure to thrive”.  Don’t freak out. A few of our Foublie coaches have gone through this with their own kids. Hear that?! This happens to kids of nutrition experts too.

Read more about failure to thrive.


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