Baby's First Poop Primer

Baby’s first poopie. How special! Here is what you need to know about the first days and first months of baby poop. 

The very first baby poop

The first days of baby poop you’ll see thick black or dark green stuff that is called meconium. This is the remains of what filled her intestines before birth! Once this is passed your baby will settle into her normal, but expect a yellowish-green color first.

What’s normal color?

If breastfed- poop will be light mustard with white seed-like particles.

If formula fed- poop will be tan or yellow in color.

After iron supplementation (which some babies go on around 4 months of age) poop may be dark brown.

If poop goes through their gut really fast, it may turn green which is frightening but normal.

What about consistency?

Formula fed poop: Firm, but not more than a peanut butter consistency (sorry.)

Breastfed poop: Soft to loose and runny.


Breastfed infants: Each baby is different. For some they will poop every time they feed. In some babies the digestive system becomes active when the stomach is full. For others, one BM a week is still ok. Remember they are not eating anything solid and breast milk does not turn into solid waste in the digestive tract! (good to know). They may also poop less when they are growing through a growth spurt. As long as the poop is coming out soft, usually it is normal.

Formula fed babies: One BM a day is typical, but some babies will poop more or less frequently. As above, does she look like she is straining or the poop is hard balls? That could be constipation. You should call your doctor and tell your Foublie coach so she can help you troubleshoot.


Graphic showing baby poop output for the first 3 weeks

Troubleshooting Baby Poop

Dry poop: How do you know? Well, it will be drier than peanut butter. This could be a sign that your baby needs more fluids (breastmilk or formula) OR that the poor lil one is ill, has a fever or is hot.

Variation: Expect it. Poop can look yellow some days, green the next- this is normal. Some days it might be the consistency of toothpaste, other days more of a gel. If your baby is having very watery stool or their poop is coming out in hard balls, give your pediatrician a call. In general, if something doesn’t look right, trust your gut and call your pediatrician.

Mom’s Diet: Some babies might suddenly be irritable and uncomfortable or their poop will be different. If this is the case and you are breastfeeding try writing down what you eat to see if certain foods are causing the change. Your Fooblie coach will be a great help here!

Bloody or White poop: Call your pediatrician.

Is this how it will be forever?

For a while! This will be your jam until your baby starts solids around 6 months of age.

Want more? 

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