Beaba Baby Food Maker Review

Olivia at 6 months with her first bite of broccoli made in the beaba baby food maker
When Olivia was six months I got my act together and made some baby food. The experience was blah until I bought the Beaba baby food maker. Here’s my review of the machine, my reflection on making baby food and some recipes.

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Making baby food puree – take one!

I was so excited to make Olivia her first puree! Seriously! Then I put it off for two weekends in a row. Saturday I finally got my act together. 

The first thing I learned… starting solids is not a big deal. 

I don’t have to have a master plan in place from day one about how she is going to try 100 foods in 100 days that I make from scratch. This takes a lot of organization and honestly luck to pull that off! For me, the things that needed to align just didn’t. For example, I was tired. Our fridge was empty. We had a busy weekend. Our bananas were turning brown, etc. 

Just start

My two cents…you don’t really need to put much thought into baby food to get started. If you want to have an informed first bite, go for it. This article can help you choose between veggies, fruit or cereal. (Spoiler, there is no evidence that one food is better than another as far as first bites go.)

How to make baby food with a steamer

So back to my experience! This weekend I got out our steamer – something I confess I have never used before. My plan was to make a broccoli puree. I steamed a pre-chopped bag of broccoli from the grocery store. Then I threw it in the vitamix with a cup of sodium-free chicken broth. I blended it up real nice then poured some into a bowl for LIv and the rest of it in ice cube trays. Four trays to be exact, I made SO MUCH! 

I think I’m bad at making baby food. I didn’t like how it tasted. Olivia ate some of it. We had so much of it. I used the extra that didn’t fit in the trays to make a broccoli soup for lunch. 

Freeze the leftovers?

I poured the leftovers into these ice cube trays like other moms on the internet told me to do. 

Don’t forget the leftovers

Fast forward a couple months… I just looked in our freezer and there are 4 trays of broccoli puree. I never served this again and threw it all out.

Making baby food part two – My Beaba Baby Food Maker Review

My original baby food making experience taught me one thing… I didn’t want to do it that way again. But! I did want to make Olivia her food (or at least most of it), so I thought I’d try out the Beaba baby food maker. Here’s my Beaba Baby Food Maker review. Spoiler alert?! I love this machine!

The downside of this machine? 

It’s expensive. I bought mine for $249.95 on Amazon. I got the new version, called the Neo. It has a glass bowl. There is a version with a plastic bowl called Babycook, and it’s about 100 bucks cheaper. 

Here’s why I love my Beaba Baby Food Maker

You set it up and walk away

Of all the reasons I love this machine, this is my favorite. I can put things in there to steam and leave to pick up Olivia from daycare. When I get back, the food is ready.

You can do puree or not

Very quickly Olivia decided she wanted to eat by herself, unassisted. So I rarely used the puree button. We do a lot of steamed veggies and fruits in the baby food maker. 

If I had this from from the beginning of her food days, I would have pureed more things. You have a lot of control here. It allows you to make different textures, and learning that is very important for baby!

The Beaba baby food maker makes it easier to serve vegetables

This might sound like a weird claim, but mentally I think the baby food maker makes a difference. Unlike my experience making the broccoli puree, which was involved, Beaba makes steaming veggies easy. I like that I can throw in 5 baby carrots when I need a vegetable for packed lunch. 

You can be a chef

Now, I try my hardest to cook one meal for everyone, and the baby food maker does not make a food for Olivia plus two adults. But for days dinner is not ready at 5:30 and other days when I make something too spicy it’s nice to have a baby food maker option.

On the Beaba website, there are tons of ideas. You can make anything from a bolognese sauce to a salmon broccoli puree! This machine does more than steam veggies. 

It’s easy to clean

I throw the whole blender bowl and steamer basket in the top drawer of the dishwasher. Easy.

You can make adult snacks too

I would be remiss if I wrote a Beaba baby food maker review without making it about mom too. I use it to make applesauce. It’s easy! First, decore an apple, slice it up, steam it on setting 3 then pulse it a bit with all the steam water and a pinch of cinnamon. Yum!

Beaba brought joy to my baby food making experience 

I was reluctant to buy yet another counter-top gadget. But I must say, I use this most days. 

Less food waste

As best as I can, I try to estimate how much food Olivia will eat. I like that I can make small batches.

The TL;DR Beaba Baby Food Maker Review

If you think you’ll make food for baby a few times a week, I feel like this is a good investment. If you think it’s expensive, put it on your registry!

My favorite Beaba baby food maker quick recipes

Easy veggie recipe

  • 5 baby carrots and 3 baby potatoes
  • Throw em in on steam setting 2
  • Serve or puree

Easy applesauce recipe

  • Decore an apple
  • Throw em in on steam setting 1
  • Dump apples in the glass container with liquid and a tsp of cinnamon
  • Puree to your desired consistency (I like my lumpy)
  • Eat or mix with quinoa (for baby)

Hope this Beaba baby food maker review was helpful!

Do you have a favorite recipe for the Beaba? Let me know!

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Olivia at 6 months with her first bite of broccoli made in the beaba baby food maker
Beaba Baby Food Maker Review

When Olivia was six months I got my act together and made some baby food. The experience was blah until I bought the Beaba baby food maker. Here’s my review of the machine, my reflection on making baby food and some recipes.

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