Can You Prevent Food Allergies?

A lot of parents wonder, can you prevent food allergies? It’s a good question! Food allergies seem to be on the rise in the US. Today, 1 in 13 kids in the US has a food allergy and that number is growing. 

Why? Well, the causes of food allergies are unknown. And, while there are many unknowns, there is some evidence that you can prevent food allergies in your little ones. How? By feeding your kids the foods that commonly cause allergies early and often.

Check out our video, led by a pediatrician and mom

We created a webinar to unpack the new guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Watch it at your leisure! Leading us through the ins and the outs is board certified pediatrician Dr. Maria Rivera. She breaks down everything you need to know about how to introduce common food allergens and first foods. 

We cover what you need to know about how to prevent food allergies

Specifically, Dr. Maria will help us to 

  • understand the new AAP guidelines and what they mean for us as parents
  • quickly look at the research and findings that led to the new guidance (specifically about peanuts)
  • figure out if your child is at higher risk for a food allergy 
  • review when solids are appropriate for little ones 
  • learn how and when to introduce the foods that are the common food allergens and why that can prevent food allergies