Welcome to Olivia’s Jam

Melissa and Liv outside

Welcome to our new blog! I’m here to share what really happens when an expert in maternal and child nutrition becomes a mom and feeds a child. My baby Olivia and I are going for Emily Oster meets Pinch of Yum.

What’s for dinner? Dr Maria Rivera takes over

Dr. Maria Rivera holding a sailboat made of an eggplant

Being a parent has changed Dr. Maria’s view on food and feeding her family. Can you relate? Now that Maria is a mom, she talks to parents differently about food. For example, her son hated the first 10 things she gave him. Zayn had preferences, and he let her know about them. Today she serves her nutrition advice from a doctor and public health perspective but with a big side of mom-sense. Here are her favorite evidence-based tips.

Set Your Feeding Mentality

Parents holding newborn baby

Coach Cynthia has some pretty good meal mantras. Our favorite? Be good to yourself and enjoy food. She takes over the blog to share more. Let’s get to it!