Chicken Tender Alternatives

Chicken nugget alternative shaped like a dinosaur

If you do have a picky eater and are worried about a shortage of chicken tenders, remain calm! Here we round up the top tips from our nutrition experts and moms of picky eaters about how to handle this news.

Welcome to Olivia’s Jam

Melissa and Liv outside

Welcome to our new blog! I’m here to share what really happens when an expert in maternal and child nutrition becomes a mom and feeds a child. My baby Olivia and I are going for Emily Oster meets Pinch of Yum.

Kid Food at Expo East 2020

baby helping his mom shop

This week Fooblie was at Natural Foods Expo East with over 2000 companies! Of course we had our eye out for the best kid food. These companies are awesome, on a mission to improve what we eat, reduce our impact on the planet, source better, label more clearly and so much more. Melissa rounds up her favorite food trends in the kid food space. Let us know which ones are you excited about seeing on the store shelves?!

Food Trends for Kids 2019

beautiful food with blueberries a kids food trend

Welcome to 2019! Fooblie rounds up our favorite food trends for kids of 2019. From water to nutrition, we think it’s going to be a pretty great year for your kids! 1. Flavored Water for Kids Meet the new juice box, but it is flat water with a fruit essence. We predict the Le Croix […]

Kurbo Review

coffee mug on a table

I’m a pediatrician and pretended I was a 16 year old trying to lose weight on WW’s Kurbo. By Dr. Maria Rivera