Willow Pump Review

Melissa wearing the willow pumps at a wedding reception

TL;DR version: This is my Willow pump review. I highly recommend it for any mom who wants to pump with freedom. In fact, I’m pumping as I write this.

Beaba Baby Food Maker Review

Olivia at 6 months with her first bite of broccoli made in the beaba baby food maker

When Olivia was six months I got my act together and made some baby food. The experience was blah until I bought the Beaba baby food maker. Here’s my review of the machine, my reflection on making baby food and some recipes.

Full Well Prenatal Vitamin Review

Vitamins displayed in a pattern on a blue background.

When you start thinking about getting pregnant do these three things: 1) Read Emily Oster’s book Expecting Better 2) Buy ovulation strips and 3) Start taking a prenatal, like Full Circle Prenatals. I choose Full Circle because of the nutrient composition and I love supporting Registered Dietitians! Read on for my Full Circle Prenatal review.

Kurbo Review

coffee mug on a table

I’m a pediatrician and pretended I was a 16 year old trying to lose weight on WW’s Kurbo. By Dr. Maria Rivera