Celebrate Your New Body
Hello Mom-Bod

You are a mom and your body is doing amazing things. If you just gave birth, your body just grew a baby! Holy moly, that’s a lot of work. And if you’re breastfeeding, you’re body is doing all the work to nourish your infant. Amazing! So let’s take a couple minutes and set you up for success. Let’s start by celebrating your new body.

Keep eating well

You probably paid close attention to what you ate while pregnant, so keep it up. Your body actually needs more calories to breastfeed than it did when pregnant. So keep eating a little extra. 

Dump the scale

It’s just a number. We know that weight and BMI doesn’t tell us very much. Give yourself time to figure out your new world. You are not defined by any number.

Be kind to yourself

Love your body. No one is perfect and our imperfections make us who we are. One shape does not fit all. What’s one thing about you you love? Be positive about who you are on the inside and out.

Ask for help

Easier said than done, but caring for a newborn is hard work. So lean on your family, friends and even your grocery delivery plan. If you need some more ideas for specific asks, check out this article on how your partner can support you when breastfeeding. 

Embrace your new mom-bod

In the first year after you’ve given birth there are so many changes! If you’re breastfeeding your boobs are changing. If your healing from natural birth or C-sections your knees to your navel are totally different. Let me tell you something- your precious new baby doesn’t care. You’re just mom. 

Your baby sees you and how you treat yourself

Set an example by what you do. Your little one may be too little to care today, but tomorrow they will mimic what you do. This includes everything from what you eat to self-care. If you need help with moving, eating, feeling happy reach out to a friend or your doctor. Fooblie coaches are here to help you build confidence in feeding yourself and your family. Connect with us today.

You’ve got this!