Ready to feed your family with confidence? Check out an expert-led classes.

Live Classes

Fooblie Registered Dietitians and Lactation Consultants take on the hot topics and nutrition news to help you be proactive and prepared. Bring your notebooks and questions.

5 Easy Tips to Make More Milk

Need some tips to improve your milk supply? Coach Jill shares 5 easy (and science-backed) tips to boost your milk supply.

All You Need to Know about Pumping

Ready to get out of the house? Coach Theresa introduces pumping so you’re ready to go back to work.

Starting Solids: Purees vs. Baby Led Weaning

Coach Maryann looks at the evidence about how to feed your baby, when to get started and what foods to start with.

Behind the Headlines: Heavy Metals + Baby Food

Heard the news that heavy metals are in baby food? Coach Krystyn shares what you need to know to feed your fam with confidence.

On-Demand Classes

Sometimes only an e-course will do. Fooblie offers comprehensive, go-at-your-own-pace courses to master the food and feeding subjects you’re interested in.

Feed Picky Toddlers e-Course

30+ videos, quizzes, useful tools and checklists ot navigate and overcome the challenges of a picky eater. With this comprehensive toolkit, you’ll never throw unwanted food away again. 

A - Z Veggie School

A week-by-week, playful education series for you and your family to learn, explore and taste new vegetables. Includes award charts, coloring pages, recipes and playful activities to encourage discovering and enjoying new veggies.

Feeding a New Mom + Baby

Learn the ropes of breastfeeding and newborn feeding. This course also takes on what to eat as a new mom. Get ready to start the 4th trimester with confidence. 

Want Even More?

Check out these Doctor-approved articles from the Fooblie team as we explore feeding topics, fun with food, lactation and so much more.

The First 1,000 Days

The first 1,000 days, from pregnancy to a baby’s second birthday is special. Learn  how you to help your baby thrive.

3 Hacks to Make Feeding Kids Easier

Some days are harder than others. Bring on more easy days when feeding your family.

Feeding Kids with Special Needs

Coach Kari shares her take backed with personal and professional experience. 

Tips to Stay Real, Eat Healthy, Be Happy

Coach Cynthia takes on how to set your mentality to feeding your family.

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