Coach Coach Cora PHD, MHS, RDN

Coach Cora loves to demystify nutrition science. This PhD knows how to break it down and we’re here for it. Cora has worked with families in individual and group settings to help them figure out simple and effective ways to have a healthier lifestyle. She stays up on the latest and greatest evidence as to what can work, what is safe, and how best to support clients. She’s ready to build your confidence and help ensure your little one’s nutritional needs are met, whatever the circumstance.

When not coaching, find Cora dancing at a group fitness class or cooking up lentils. She’s from Hannibal Missouri, the boyhood home of author Mark Twain. Did you just get a hint of her librarian coaching style?

How to Book

Step 1: Book

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Step 2: Pay

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Step 3: Connect

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First Time Coaching

Ready to feel confident about feeding yourself or your little ones? This consult is perfect if you need to talk to an expert in pediatric and maternal nutrition. 

Cora knows how to take the science and make it practical. Team up with her to make a plan or troubleshoot along the way.

  • One 30 minute session
  • $75

Follow Up Coaching

Ready to check in with Cora? She’s here for it! 

  • One 40 minute session
  • $75

Personalized Nutrition for You and Your Child

Coach Cora is ready to listen and be your trusted partner. She will get to know you and your concerns and goals at the first appointment. She is flexible about the frequency, duration, and structure of follow ups because her ultimate goal is to reduce anxiety around weight-management and other nutrition topics and help ensure the very best possible quality of life for your child. 

  • One 30 minute session
  • $75
  • Follow-ups booked separate as needed