Coach Emily, MS, RD, CSP, LD, IBCLC

Emily is an all star dietitian and lactation consultant with an innovator style. This go-getter just started her PhD in nutrition! What she loves most is counseling moms. She wants to be your sidekick in navigating the confusing world of child feeding and breastfeeding (pumping and formula feeding included). She has a 3 year-old spitfire, a newborn and 2 four-legged fur babies. 

Emily loves supporting moms as they nourish themselves through pregnancy and as they feed their growing babies. She helps breakdown all the info out there, so you feel confident making feeding choices for yourself and your family.

How to Book

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Step 3: Connect

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General Lactation or Nutrition Consult

This is the full service treatment, developed by this International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant, Registered Dietitian and mom. Emily will tailor the appointment to your specific needs.

From first days home through to feeding a toddler, Emily is here to help you troubleshoot and most importantly to be confident when you feed your little one.

Ready to get to it? Let’s do this! 

  • 40 minutes
  • $95

Follow Up Appointment

Ready to connect with Coach Emily again? She can’t wait to see you. 

  • 40 minutes
  • $75

First Days at Home with Coach Emily

Need some one to say ‘you’ve got this’ while checking in on your form while breastfeeding? Get started with some personalized support in the first days at home with your newborn.

This appointment is perfect for a quick check in. Coach Emily will virtually observe a feed, share some tips to ease any pain and answer all your questions. 

  • One 40 minute appointment
  • $95

Formula Feeding Support

Are you looking for guidance with formula feeding? This appointment will help with all of your formula questions… When and how much should I offer? How do I prepare formula and prevent waste? Which formula is right for my baby? How do I add formula to our breastfeeding schedule? Do I need to offer formula? What are the risks and benefits of offering formula? Emily will prepare you to make informed choices about formula for your baby.

Emily will guide conversation about formula feeding and formula options and you will work together to create a plan. Follow ups are designed to make adjustments as needed, especially as baby grows and needs a change.

  • One 40 minute appointment
  • Two 20 minute follow ups
  • $140