Coach Isabel MPH, RD, CDE, CDN

Meet Isabel! Take on food allergies, type 1 & 2 diabetes or solid food introduction and more, feeling supported by her creative innovator style! She loves to explore new places and cuisines around the world (always celiac-friendly options). Fave foods? Nut & seed butters for the win!

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First Time or Follow Up Coaching

Ready to feel confident about feeding  your little ones? This consult is perfect if you need to talk to an expert in pediatric nutrition. 

Coach Isabel uses a creative and evidence-based approach to help you reach your goals. Team up with her to make a plan or to troubleshoot along the way.

  • One 30 minute session
  • $75

Food to Fuel Teenagers Mind and Body

Ready to have fun? In this session, Coach Isabel will learn about your teen’s eating habits as well as activity and other lifestyle factors. Next, Isabel will help you and your teen make some tweaks to position food as fuel for the mind and body, with a focus on how food helps us feel our best. 

Isabel uses evidence-based guidelines and motivational interviewing to support you and your teen. The result is a new mindset and plan to help teens have a healthy, happy food relationship.

  • One 30 minute session
  • $75

Food as Fuel for Any Size

Coach Isabel likes to get the whole family involved to set goals and make small, easy tweaks that make a big difference. From weight loss to maintenance, the aim is for your family to feel good mentally and physically. In this session, Coach Isabel will learn about what your family’s eating habits, activity and other lifestyle factors and help you set goals. Next is to create a plan of attack to reach those goals. Always evidence-based, her approach is fun, realistic and attainable.

  • One 30 minute session
  • $75