Coach Krystyn, MS, RD

Krystyn’s got the support you need with her awesome cheerleader style! She combines her experience at home with her toddler plus her work with preemies, underweight kids, and picky eaters to get you to where you want to be. Need help with weight management? She can do that too. She loves her forever puppy, her cat, bread, and naps.

How to Book

Step 1: Book

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Step 2: Pay

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Step 3: Connect

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First Time Consult

Ready to feel confident about feeding yourself or your little ones? This consult is perfect if you need to talk to an expert in pediatric and maternal nutrition. 

Bonus, Krystyn is a mom of two little ones so she knows what it’s like to really feed your family. It’s hard even for the experts! Team up with her to make a plan or troubleshoot along the way.

  • One 35 minute session
  • $85

Follow Up Session

Ready to connect with Coach Krystyn again? She can’t wait to see you. 

  • One 30 minute session
  • $75