Meet Coach Leonila, MBA, RD

Leonila is a (toddler) boymom with a librarian coaching style. She loves exploring nature with her family or getting in some ‘me time’ biking, swimming, or running. She’s an expert in pregnancy, baby-led weaning and working with selective eaters and is the best coach to help you take on meal planning without breaking your budget.

Coach Leonila loves helping mommies reduce the stress when it comes to feeding infants and themselves. She’s here to provide the tools you need to make this journey easier.

How to Book

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Step 3: Connect

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General Nutrition or Follow Up Appointment

Ready to connect with Coach Leonila? She can’t wait to see you. 

  • One 30 minute session
  • $75

Nutrition through the Trimesters

Have you ever heard “now that you are pregnant, you have to eat for two?” Not true! If you want to learn about how to feed your body during your pregnancy this appointment is for you.

Trimester 1: In this first appointment, Coach Leonila will: learn about your current eating habits, share nutrition recommendations and together you will develop a plan.

Trimester 2: During the second appointment you will check in on the plan and make tweaks for the second trimester based on baby’s new needs.

Trimester 3: In this final appointment you will update the plan for this last phase of pregnancy and get ready for the ‘fourth trimester’. There is plenty of time for questions big and small in each meeting!

  • Three 30 minute sessions
  • $200

Explore First Textures with Baby Led Weaning

Is your baby ready to start solids but you are not sure what foods or textures to start with? This appointment is for you! Coach Leonila will guide you to select the right textures for your little one.

In the first appointment you will: 1.) Discuss the readiness cues that signal your baby is ready to start eating solid foods. 2.) Assess for any possible allergies, intolerances or feeding concerns. 3.) Discuss and learn about textures for infants 6-9 months based on the concept of baby-led weaning.

At the second appointment you will: 1.) Discuss how feeding is going and any concerns 2.) Explore food textures for infants 9-12 months old 3.) Go over a few feeding tips for feeding beyond 12 months.

  • Two 30 minute appointments
  • $150