Coach Rachel, MA, RD, CSP, CDN

Coach Rachel knows her stuff! She has a librarian style and is ready to help your family make a plan to take on family nutrition. Rachel spends most of her time working at children’s hospitals, so she is an expert with getting kids the nutrition they need to feel better and thrive, especially through enteral feeds. As a Fooblie Coach, she loves working with kids of all ages, especially to empower parents figure it all out. She has a special love for working with tweens and teens to help set a strong food foundation for life.

Rachel loves the beach, watching SVU re-runs, and exploring towns in upstate NY.

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General Nutrition Consult with Coach Rachel

This is the full service treatment, developed by Coach Rachel. Rachel will tailor the appointment to your specific needs.

From first foods to picky eating to feeding a teenager, Rachel is here to help you troubleshoot and most importantly to be confident when you feed your little (or big) one.

Ready to get to it? Let’s do this! 

  • One 30 minute session
  • $75

Nutrition Consult + Personalized Meal Plan

Some days getting food on the table is easier than others. For those days where you just need a little inspiration plus the confidence your little one is getting everything she needs to grow healthy and strong, this appointment is for you.

Rachel will assess your needs, your little one’s age, your cooking strengths, favorite store, and more to come up with the perfect plan to please your entire family. 

  • One 30 minute session
  • 1 personalized 7-day meal plan
  • $150

Body Image 101: How to Talk to Your Kid

Are you sensing a new awareness of body image with your tween or teenager? Coach Rachel is an expert in adolescent nutrition and can help you face tough conversations about food and diet.

In this appointment, Rachel will learn about you and offer specific tips relevant to raising confident kids who know how to make smart food decisions.

  • One 40 minute session
  • $85

Feeding a Growing Athlete + Personalized Meal Plan

Is your little one the queen of the sports field? Or, king of the diamond? This service is for you if you’ve ever wondered if you are feeding your little one all she needs to grow and perform in sports.

Coach Rachel will start with a dietary assessment, to help understand if there are any gaps in what you normally eat. From there, you will discuss some easy tweaks and family preferences. After your appointment she’ll deliver a personalized meal plan to fuel your dream team.

  • One 30 minute session
  • 1 personalized 7-day meal plan
  • $150

Social Media + Food

From TikTok to Instagram to Facebook, it can be hard as a parent to navigate which info is legit and which should be kindly ~muted.
In this appointment, meet with Rachel for 45 minutes to  navigate which info is best suited for you and your families nutritional needs. There are so many awesome accounts out there ready to be discovered.
  • One 40 minute session
  • $85