Coach Sara, MS, RDN, CNSC, LDN

Sara is a mom to a toddler who loves veggies! She’s your go to if you want help unpacking the ins and outs of  breastfeeding, formula feeding, GI issues and food allergies. Sara specializes in metabolic disease and has a culinary degree too! Check out her cooking classes! Her librarian style will help you pick what’s right for you. She’s a Bolivian native with a sweet spot for sushi, Cheez-Its and her husband’s restaurant!

How to Book

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General or Follow Up Appointment

This is the full service treatment, developed by Coach Sara. Sara will tailor the appointment to your specific needs.

From first foods to picky eating to feeding a toddler, Sara is here to help you troubleshoot and most importantly to be confident when you feed your little (or big) one.

Ready to get to it? Let’s do this!

  • One 30 minute session

Tips + Resources for Meal Planning with Toddlers

Find yourself in a mealtime rut with your toddler? Coach Sara is here to help with her tips and ideas for how to get started. As a toddler-mom, chef and nutrition expert she’s the perfect partner to explore how to prevent picky eating and ensure your little one is getting the right nutrition mix. This is a virtual class just for you so get ready to learn and ask questions!

  • 25 minute presentation
  • 15 minute Q + A
  • $85