The Feeding New Moms and New Babies Course

This is the only course out there that takes on feeding both the new mom and the new baby after birth. 

Seriously. We care about the mom too.

Oh, and we prepare you to breastfeed your baby (if that’s what you want to do) for more than 6 weeks. Why do other courses stop short? Not this one!

What you'll learn

We’re here to help you get confident for the early days of feeding your baby and yourself. (Most people forget about the mom after the baby is born – not Fooblie!) Here’s some big things you’ll take away from this bad boy…

  • A plan to breastfeed
  • A plan to feed your baby if you don’t breastfeed
  • A plan to feed a new mom that includes the right nutrition to repair her body after childbirth (including what to eat to boost milk supply)
  • Infant feeding troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • Ideas for what to ask others to do that are actually helpful
  • A million ideas for meals and snacks that work for postpartum people
  • A plan to feed your baby when you return to work
  • Understand the changes you’ll see as your baby grows and you continue to breastfeed (hello, teeth!)
  • Confidence that you’re doing it right. You’ve got this!
mom holding a newborn infant breastfeeding

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