The Best-Ever Starting Solids Class

Is your baby ready to eat real food? Are you ready to get ready? This class is for you if you want the science mixed with some straight mom-talk. It doesn’t have to be complicated so we won’t make it complicated.

Get ready to start solids and feed your baby with confidence!

What you'll learn

We’re here to help you get confident with starting ‘real’ food with your baby. Here’s some big things you’ll take away from this bad boy…

  • A plan for your approach – that could be baby led weaning, purees or a combo!
  • Know what you need to start and what you can skip
  • Understand how to introduce common food allergens like peanuts and eggs
  • A million ideas for meals and snacks that work for the whole family
  • Understand choking hazards and no-go foods
  • How to balance breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Confidence that you’re doing it right. You’ve got this!
baby eating solid foods for the first time

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It includes:

$30.00 USD