Eating While Pregnant

Getting ready to grow a baby? Already have a bun in the oven? Let us break down what you need to know about eating while pregnant. Ready to feel strong and fuel some sweet baby development? Let’s do this.

Get Off to the Right (Food) Start

What's the best prenatal for you?

There are a million options. Here’s our take on reading labels, plus our top picks!

I'm pregnant! What should I eat?

Congrats mama! Here’s a short guide on what you must eat and why.

I'm pregnant! What should I not eat?

The eating while pregnant no-foods list is long. We take it on.

pregnant mom with a toddler

Does what I eat even matter?

Can what you eat today prevent things like obesity and food allergies later in your baby’s life?

I'm vegan / vegetarian how do I eat?

On a special diet? Let’s look at some foods you’ll need to make sure you eat.

pregnant woman prepping meals

What should my plate look like?

Need inspiration to keep your meal routine fresh and yummy? Yes, please!

pregnant mom at cutting board

Why is food safety so important?

We all get a little slack from time to time. Here’s why you should pay attention.

How much weight should I gain?

We’re aiming for “Goldilocks” just right. Here’s what you need to know.


Help with ALL the symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms can suck real bad. Let’s get you help.

Gestational Diabetes

Every woman will get tested for this. Here’s what you need to know.

What about the cravings + aversions?

Science has something to say about some cravings others are a mystery. Check it out.

Get some help

Sometimes you just need to talk it out. Connect with a Fooblie coach today.

Getting Ready to Feed Baby

What's up with pumps?

There are many kinds. Here’s how to choose what will work for you.

Get prepared to feed a newborn

We talk mental and physical goods you can get ready for today.

What to expect in the first week of feeding a newborn

We break down the early days of life with a newborn.

Is breastfeeding right for you?

It’s not right for everyone. Read more about what to expect.