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Do you have a picky eater?

Ready to learn how and what to feed your little one from a pediatrician?

Join Dr. Maria Rivera, a board certified pediatrician, to learn how to feed picky eaters and toddlers. 


This course is made for all families with kids 1+ of age. All kids have a little bit of picky in them (adults too!). Take this class if…

  • You need picky eating help
  • You want your kid to eat more veggies
  • You’re in a mealtime rut or your kid just eats bread
  • You dread mealtime or your kid hardly eats
  • You want to PREVENT picky eating down the road
  • Your kid is a toddler – 10 years old

In this e-course you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to over 30 short and sweet videos led by Dr. Maria and our registered dietitian Fooblie Coaches
  • 10+ downloadable checklists and tools to use at home
  • Notes with key takeaways. We take the notes so you don’t have to
  • Access to Fooblie Coaches to personalize your experience
  • Watch all at once or here and there
  • All our picky eating help modules are evidence-based and mom-tested 

Feeding kids, some days it's easier than others!

We’re here to bring on more easy days. We believe every kid can learn to love all foods- even veggies. Learn how today!

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What parents say...

Judgement-free Advice. Mother of Dragons

Fooblie has created a philosophy and curriculum that are accessible and take all the shame out of trying to feed kids the right way. I have three boy’s who are all picky and they helped me understand how to approach food exposures differently with them to make it less stressful and more successful.

Science and Common Sense? I’ll Take it. Feed Me, Mama

Inventive, fun ideas for childhood nutrition which are based on science and common sense. Very helpful.

My son is less picky. Virginia Mom

He is just eating more consistently than he was before. No major new foods, but hopefully that will come next. We have gotten him to at least lick or “kiss goodbye” some foods that he wouldn’t even touch previously.