Breastfeeding or Formula Feeding
When + How to Stop

So many mothers want to know how long should they breastfeed baby? When can they stop formula feeding? We all love our little ones, but things get more complicated the older they get! Teeth, hello?! Plus, formula is expensive. So what’s the deal with timing? 

What’s the recommendation?

Current recommendations are to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and continue breastfeeding for at least the first year. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for the first 2 years (or longer). The longer a mother breastfeeds, the more benefits for her child and for herself. But, uhh, we get it. Deciding when to stop breastfeeding is personal, so whatever you do, we will support you. 

Around 1 year: for our breastfed babies

By the time your baby is one year old, the child should be eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks per day, so breast milk will no longer be the main source of nutrition for the child, but still offers benefits. Keep going for as long as you and your child are comfortable. The WHO and AAP recommends breastfeeding until your baby is 2 years old. How long to breastfeed baby? Do what is right for you. Dr. Maria was proud she made it 1 year.

Is it possible to stop breastfeeding in a day?

Many mothers find it uncomfortable to stop breastfeeding quickly. Try to plan for it.  We suggest you over a couple weeks to drop a feed by extending the time between feeds, or limiting time at the breast. 

What if you want to stop before your kid turns one?

If you would like to discontinue breastfeeding before 1 year of age, you will need to supplement with formula to make sure that your child is getting enough nutrition. 

What’s the rec for our formula fed babies?

Formula feeding can be discontinued at 1 year of age. At that time, you can transition your child from formula to cow’s milk or a cow’s milk alternative (talk to a Fooblie coach about cow’s milk alternatives – nutritionally they are very different).

Should you stop formula overnight?

You can try and switch cold turkey, or gradually starting at 12 months. Start with ¾ formula and ¼ milk, transition to ½ and ½ and finally down to ¼ formula and ¾ milk. Your child should be getting most of their nutrition from solid foods at this time. 

For ALL kids at age one

Most kids only need 16 ounces of breast or formula milk at one year of age, so there may be a decrease in total fluid volume, and that’s normal when you stop these feedings! Keep offering water for hydration. 

Have teeth entered the picture?

If yes, breast or formula feeding right before sleep is no longer recommended as the milk will just sit on the teeth and may cause cavities. 

Also at one year: It’s time to stop bottles

During this transition, it is also important to transition away from bottles, so take this opportunity to use some big kid glasses for milk. Many parents have trouble stopping formula feedings before bedtime or naptime. Keep in mind that nutritionally speaking, the formula isn’t necessary, so try to find other comforting tools that you can use in place of formula to help your child fall asleep.

Want more help?

Connect with a Fooblie coach. She can answer all your questions. You’ve got this!