How to Feed Toddlers + Threenagers

Check out our favorite tips to feed little ones 16 months to 3 years.

Set the Right Foundation

Check your mood

Know your role and set yourself up for stress-free mealtimes.

notebook to record when infant feeds

Stick to a schedule

Learn how to schedule meal and snack zones and why it’s an awesome approach.

Keep exploring new and familiar foods

Raise an adventurous eater with these tips.

Set the right environment

Screens off and other mealtime happiness tips.

Keep food fun

When food is fun kids explore new textures and try new things. Let loose with these tips!

What is a toddler-portion?

Read on to get an idea of how much is enough and some tips to know when they are full.

All kids have a little bit of of picky

It’s not you, it’s just a natural part of growing up. Learn what to expect.

Where can I get help?

Breastfeeding should not hurt. Let’s get you some help if you need it.

More Strategies for Success

Tips to raise an intuitive eater

It’s more about the how than the what.

Try family meals

Make this one a habit for lots of future and present wins.

What does dirt have to do with it?

What you need to know about getting dirty and a healthy gut.

Tips to pick the right high chair

You’re little one is growing! Make sure your high chair is helping, not hurting mealtime.

How to manage juice

In this one we tell you how we really feel about juice.

Physical activity guidelines

YES! These exist. Get ready to get moving. 

How to pack a nut-free lunch

It’s time to get packing. Check out some easy tips on how to pack a nut-free lunch.

What you need to know about food allergies

2 kids in every classroom has one. Here’s 10 things need to know to be safe and inclusive.

Snack ideas

We’ve got a 3 part formula to make awesome snacks.

How to get your toddler to eat more veggies

We’ve got some easy tips to share for successfully feeding toddlers veggies!

Know your parenting style

Learn how your parenting style impacts how you feed your little one.

How to cook with your toddler

Toddler chef here we come!

Troubleshooting Tips

A Picky Toddler

Go in-depth on picky eating. We’ve got resources perfect for everyone.

Food Throwing

It happens for a couple reasons. Learn how to assess the situation and make a plan.


We’ve got a 3 “F” method, you don’t want to miss, plus a poop chart!

toddler and grandma in kitchen

Food Allergies

Learn how to take on a new normal and be confident when you feed your little one.