Infant Feeding, Lactation + Breastfeeding

How to Book

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Step 2: Pay

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Step 3: Connect

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Talk to a Infant Feeding Coach

This is the full service treatment, developed by Fooblie Coaches who are International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants, Registered Dietitians and moms. Our coaches are here to help you troubleshoot and most importantly to be confident when you feed your little one.

Ready to get to it? Let’s do this! You tell us what you need and we do the matching for you. 

  • One 30 minute appointment
  • $75
  • Fooblie picks the IBCLC expert for you 

Set Your Breastfeeding Expectations

Curious about early days of breastfeeding? Learn how to manage your own expectations and get prepared for what is to come with the birth of your little one! 

  • One 60 minute appointment
  • Two 30 minute follow ups (after baby is born!)
  • Coach Andie is your expert
  • $275

Quick Latch Checks with Coach Theresa

Coach Theresa will observe a feeding virtually and help you get the latch just right. This is a quick one you can use for troubleshooting or just reassurance you’re doing it right! 

  • One 30 minute appointment
  • One 15 minute follow up
  • Coach Theresa is your expert
  • $95

First Days at Home with Coach Emily

Need some one to say ‘you’ve got this’ while checking in on your form while breastfeeding? Get started with some personalized support in the first days at home with your newborn.

This appointment is perfect for a quick check in. Coach Emily will virtually observe a feed, share some tips to ease any pain and answer all your questions. 

  • One 45 minute appointment
  • Coach Emily is your expert
  • $95

Everything You Need Lactation Bundle with Coach Theresa

This is the full service treatment, developed by a International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant. Theresa will cover everything you need to know and she’ll be there for you for follow up support. 

  • One 60 minute session
  • Three 30 minute follow ups
  • Email support
  • Coach Theresa is your expert
  • $300

What Other Parents Say...

My coach, Theresa, was excellent. She was kind and empathetic but also very clearly knowledgeable about feeding concerns. I love that she is a lactation consultant in addition to a registered dietician, because she was able to incorporate information about my toddler’s nursing history and consider all aspects when thinking about her current eating habits. Theresa provided reassurance but also gave me practical suggestions, and I left the call feeling heard and with some ideas for improvement to try at home. She also followed up and provided helpful and reputable literature via email, which was a nice touch.

Alison K