New Parent Gift Guide

gift for new parents
Looking for a new parent gift? Look no further. Is it for you? Fooblie is a judgement-free space. You get it. ;-)

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‘Tis the season for a good new parent gift. Whether it’s for your bestie, or something you treat yourself to, that’s up to you! Here is my round up of the things that brought me mom-joy in 2021. From gifts that just make it easier, to the stuff that made me smile, here is the Favorite Things List of 2021.

Beaba Baby Food Maker for Baby Food Fun

This thing is great! It’s perfect to quickly make food for Olivia, or myself! I love whipping up applesauce for me. Read my review or just buy it now! 

FullWell Vitamins for Nutrition

I don’t think it’s weird to gift something you love, like vitamins! These prenatals should be taken a few months before pregnancy through breastfeeding days. Here’s more on why I love them. Buy them direct from their site. 

FullWell also just launched prenatals for men. Pretty cool. Check em out!

Willow Pumps (or Elvie) for Freedom

If you follow Fooblie, you know I have a love-hate relationship with my Willows. Read about that here. Bottomline, there is nothing that will give you better pumping freedom. If you have an about-to-be-mom you care about, consider this gift! Buy Willows on Amazon or direct on their site.

Serenity Kids Puffs for Travel Peace

Feed these one by one to your little one to get you a moment of peace in the car or on the airplane. An extra bonus? I love that they are grain free, and have bone broth. To me, this makes them extra filling. Buy from their site direct, or use the discount code FOOBLIE to save some $$$. You can also find em at Amazon and Whole Foods.

Teething Fruit for Comfort

This is at the top of Olivia’s favorite things, and therefore it makes my list too! I love how cheap they are and how you get so many. Takes the stress out of losing things. Buy em here. 

Fleece Jacket for Coziness

In the last few weeks I’ve started to wear normal, non-nursing, clothes again. Go me! Really, this means I need new clothes. My pre-mom wardrobe does not get washed on the regular wash cycle. It’s dry clean and delicates and I sure don’t have time for that. I’ve started exploring Amazon clothes and I’m off to a good start. This fleece is awesome! 

Ember Mug for a Warm Cup of Whatever!

When’s the last time you had a warm cup of coffee? Exactly. This new parent gift is amazing. Take (some) control over your mornings with this mug that keeps your coffee warm! 

Amazon’s Credit Card for Rewards

I do most of my shopping on Amazon and Whole Foods. This card has 5% cash back at both places. That, plus no annual fee? It’s the way to shop, especially if you shop like we do. Learn more here.

The Best New Parent Gift? Watch the Kids!

If you are close by to the parent in question, give them the gift of time with their partner. They probably don’t get much of it. You can take over after bedtime, easy.

Happy Holidays!

What gift are you excited about to give or to get? Let us know. We’re always on the prowl for something good!

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