Welcome to our blog! I’m here to share what really happens when an expert in mom and baby nutrition becomes a mom and feeds a child. Olivia and I get real (and messy).

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Meal Ideas, Recipes + Weekly Plans

Every week (ish) we share what we’re eating and how we modify it for Olivia.

Product Reviews

We’ve tried lots of stuff. Check out our unbiased reviews of stuff we love, love to hate and think are just meh.

First-Time Mom Life

From pregnancy to C-section recovery to breastfeeding to formula to the back to work / daycare hustle… we bare it all.

Our Favorite Recipes

If it’s easy, yummy and easy. It’s here.

Some of our Faves

Alex and Olivia share their experience with finding the perfect bottle. 

Combination feeding (formula + breastfeeding) is a thing and it works for me!

Between 6 and 12 months your baby is *supposed* to try 100 foods. Go wild when you don’t have to cook!

This is my favorite love-to-hate thing in the whole wide world. #BoobTech

There IS a point where caffeine mom consumes can impact your baby.