Our Promise

Let’s be clear about how we treat you and your family.

To our sons, daughters, grandchildren, and other kids we love and care for

We love food. Food has the power to bring people together, fuel our bodies, and take us to distant places to explore other cultures. We chose to work in the profession of nutrition because food is everywhere. It’s emotional. It’s memories. It’s our foundation. 

So guess what? We get upset when we learn that other adults and companies spread messages that are wrong and fill your head with self doubt. This includes messages that tell you to go on a diet, that you need to look a certain way, or that some foods are good while others are bad. This also includes confusing or shaming messages to adults, expecting people and parents. Not cool!

We want you to know we’ve got your back. We believe in you. We’re looking out for you. We want you to grow up to be a happy eater and a healthy kid. It’s possible and we’re here to help you get there! 

This is how we’re going to support you today, tomorrow and beyond

We promise to help you learn to read your own body and understand the power of food to your mind, body and soul.

We promise to respect your hunger and fullness cues. We will not force you to finish your plate. 

We will celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes.

We promise to move away from food policing to eating in moderation. Nothing is off limits. All foods fit. 

We will provide you with nutritious food that tastes good, and that will help your body and your brain grow.

We acknowledge that some kids are treated differently because of their weight. We will continue to fight against those bullies and reject all forms of weight teasing. 

We acknowledge that a lot of the time, what you eat is out of your control. It depends on what your family can provide, what your school serves, what circumstances you live in, and which caregivers are around. 

We will continue to work for a society where childcare is affordable, family dinners are possible, healthy foods are accessible, and neighborhoods have safe playgrounds that encourage you to be active outside. 

We promise to let you be a kid. We have a big role to play for you to grow up to eat happy and be healthy. We’re here to make it happen and support the adults in your life to be good to you.

We are a group of pediatricians, public health experts, dietitians, lactation consultants, and parents. This is our promise to you. 


Maria Rivera, MD MPH and Co-Founder of Fooblie

Melissa Iftimie,  MBA MPH and Co-Founder of Fooblie

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