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Hi, I'm Melissa
Fooblie CEO +

Picture of Melissa Iftimie Fooblie Founder

Melissa Iftimie is from Kalamazoo, Michigan! Yes, it exists. She is a behavior expert and public health nutritionist, who one crazy day decided to go to business school. She has worked with moms from Michigan to Zimbabwe for over a decade.

I was shocked to learn that we do a better job supporting parents abroad to learn how to feed their kids through NGOs. Why is my doctor giving me a piece of paper with mgs of Vitamin D on it? I threw it out. That’s not good enough.

Melissa holds an BA from University of Michigan, an MPH from the Milken School of Public Health at George Washington University and an MBA from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

Melissa is on a mission to change our relationship with food, starting with pregnancy and baby’s first bites. Now that she’s a new mom she’s even more passionate about making this feeding world easier for parents. Her favorite childhood food memory is eating macaroni and cheese with hot dogs when her mom traveled for work and fish stick sandwiches when her dad traveled for work.

Check out her profile by University of Michigan and Georgetown University.

Hi, I'm Dr. Maria

Dr. Maria Rivera holding a sailboat made of an eggplant

Dr. Maria Rivera is a mom, preventive medicine physician, and board certified pediatrician. Fooblie combines her passions of working with parents, wellness and eating good food! Dr. Maria has extensive experience including a faculty member in the Department of General Pediatrics at Stanford University a practicing physician at the Gardner Packard Children’s Health Center, a public health manager for Harris County in Texas.

After having a kid and seeing all my friends around me have kids, I realized we could be doing so much more to support parents in feeding themselves and their kids from the very beginning. We are building the resource I wish I had for myself and for my patients.

Maria graduated from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and completed her Pediatrics Residency at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She holds a Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and completed a Preventive Medicine Residency at Johns Hopkins as well.

Can you tell Maria loves Philly?! It’s also where she got her undergrad degree – at University of Pennsylvania! It’s where she met her husband! Though she does love Philly cheesesteaks, she is a native of Honduras and rice and beans are the way to her heart. Check out her family feeding philosophy. 

Maria loves teaching parents how to cook easy, nutritious and delicious foods. She is pretty good at creating her own recipes for her son, Zayn. He doesn’t say much, but she knows she has a winner when he doesn’t throw the food at her. Ohhhh toddler life!

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Why Fooblie?

Because how and what you feed you and your child matters.

Feeding kids is hard. Not only are there mixed messages on what you “should be doing,” but practically speaking, feeding requires a lot of planning and hard work. Fooblie is your support system for feeding your family. We take all the evidence and turn it into practical advice. So why do we care about food, nutrition and how kids eat? Well, how and what you feed your kid matters.


Good Nutrition in Childhood Fuels the Brain for Learning

1 million new brain connections are formed every second in babies first year. By the time a baby is 3, 90% of the brain is fully developed. Nutrition is the fuel that powers this growth. 

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Preferences and Tastes are Set Early

Studies show that the food environment the parent provides for their child will shape how they accept foods and what habits they form. These influence obesity and picky eating later in life. We also know changing behavior that has already been set becomes much harder and requires way more effort as they children get older. Prevention is key and you can start when pregnant!

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A Kids Job is to Grow

Childhood is a time of tremendous growth. Did you know that between birth and age 3 a child typically doubles in height and quadruples in weight? A child roughly reaches half of its full adult height by the time they are two! Inadequate nutrition in childhood can lead to irreversible problems with growth.

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A Healthy Feeding Relationship Between Parent and Child Reinforces Trust and Safety for Kids

Knowing how to navigate your child’s feeding journey is also empowering and crucial for your piece of mind. Your parenting style in general affects feeding more than we think.

Our Nutrition Experts

Fooblie has partnered with registered dietitians and lactation consultants from across the country to be Fooblie coaches. They are amazing people, many with Masters degree and decades of experience in nutrition, food allergy management and more! We can’t wait for you to meet them!