Prevent and Manage Picky Eating

From prevention to management we’ve got you with science-backed tips and tricks, served with a side of mom-sense.

Picky Eating 101

Why are ALL kids picky eaters?

Was your child a good eater and suddenly became picky? Learn the reasons that children can be picky eaters.

mom with grocery bags in the kitchen

How can Fooblie's nutrition to approach help?

We’ve got 5 checks for you to make that can prevent and manage picky.

When is picky eating a problem?

Is your child’s food avoidance getting in the way of other activities? Learn when you need help.

How much should my kid eat, anyway?

Are you wondering if your kid is eating too much or too little? Here’s your portions overview.

What about vitamins?

Does your kid need a vitamin or a supplement? What do the experts suggest?

What is failure to thrive?

What do these 3 words really mean? Plus how to handle it if your kid is underweight.

Is food throwing a sign of picky eating?

Is your baby or toddler throwing food and you don’t know what to do? Let’s go.

We're here to help

You are never alone. Connect with a nutrition expert to troubleshoot your situation.

Strategies to Try Today

Use the plate

How you arrive the plate can make a big difference.

Hide veggies? Or not.

What are the pros and cons of hiding vegetables?

Stick to schedules

Routines are where it’s at. Check out why

Use food chaining

This is the approach the pros use.

What food to feed

Try some of these foods and tricks.

Be the BOSS-ish

Does a stress-free mealtime seem impossible? Try this.

Know your parenting style

Know your style and how it impacts mealtime.

Involve kids in the kitchen

Cooking is fun and backed by science!