Our Faves to Make the Meal Environment Special

Needs some ideas for how to make your table (or meal environment) more special for meals? Check out our fave tips. 

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Picnic Blanket

Get on the ground / floor to eat picnic style. If the weather sucks, try this inside.

Cartoon Character Inspired Dishware

Sometimes a little novelty goes a long way.. especially with Elsa.

Fun Cups (for the young ones)

Anything that feels a little extra special works. Bonus if it is unbreakable.

Fun Cups (for the older ones)

Yup, cocktail glasses can work for all beverages. And how fun are these!

Make the Table Cloth

You and your little one can color the table cloth during craft time. 

Cloth Napkins

Fancy napkins are another way to make dinner feel extra fine! These are easy to wash.