Toddler Snacks
3 Tips to Up Your Game

Hi there! It’s toddler snack time. We’ve got some ideas to share on how to keep things fresh and how you can avoid snack ruts. What we are sharing is easy to assemble, easy to find at stores and hopefully gives you enough mix and match options to get through the next couple weeks.


Why is food variety important for toddler snacks?

First, some science. If kids, especially toddlers, eat the same thing over and over, they stop eating that food. Seriously, it can turn a food they love into a food that they don’t want to eat anymore. Some parents rely on easy snack times and safe foods and we want to avoid losing any food our little ones classify as foods they like!

So here we go. Here are Fooblie’s favorite three tips on how to keep snack time fresh.


Tip 1: Buy the right food for snacks

We recommend thinking of toddler snacks like this: 1 snack has 3 elements. You need a base, a spread and a topper.

Got that? Good. So what does that mean? Base foods are what you build on. My family lovingly calls these foods ‘vehicles’ that you use to eat other foods. Next, spread foods are what we all want to eat with spoons. They are usually higher in fat which makes them filling foods and usually very tasty! Last, topper foods. For a kid these take snacking up a level. They may look like sprinkles and certainly add novelty. For a parent, topper foods can be the one difference that gets a child to try a new food.

Take one from each category and there you go. I like to have 3 from each category on hand to mix and match. But you do you!


  • Celery
  • Bagel
  • Cucumber


  • Cream cheese
  • Peanut butter (sun butter, almond butter, etc)
  • Hummus


  • Chia seeds
  • Dried fruits like cranberries or raisins
  • Feta


Tip 2: Switch up how you serve toddler snacks

Second, there is another way to keep toddler snacks fresh. For instance, if you only have a limited number of foods to pull from to make a snack try serving them in different ways. Some examples:

  • Serve the foods ‘deconstructed’, meaning keep each food separate
  • Cut the base in a different way- for example a cucumber can be cut in strips or in rounds
  • Concentrate the toppings on one side of the snack
  • Arrange the foods in the shape of a flower, heart, house or something fun
  • Break out the fun plates!


Tip 3: Keep your snack schedule

Last, keep your snacking to a schedule so your little one (and you!) still comes to dinner hungry. Setting a schedule is one way to prevent what could look like picky eating. We want to make sure your little one comes to dinner hungry. 

Happy snacking! 

Fooblie hopes this new way of snacking helps you get through these next weeks! Remember a happy, healthy snack = base + spread + topper. We’ll keep sharing our snack-spiration on Pinterest.


Want more support?

Our Fooblie Coaches have personal and professional experience with feeding toddlers. If you need some inspiration of what to eat or troubleshooting on anything nutrition or food related, we’re here for it!