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Welcome to our new blog! I'm here to share what really happens when an expert in maternal and child nutrition becomes a mom and feeds a child. My baby Olivia and I are going for Emily Oster meets Pinch of Yum.

Hey there! Welcome to Olivia’s Jam @Fooblie, our new and improved blog! Fooblie Founder, Melissa here  along with my daughter Olivia and we’re taking this thing over.

Why are we excited? 

After working with moms and dads for over 15 years on what and how to feed kids, I’m now a mom! And let me tell you, that has changed some things. Like what? Well, I just get some things I didn’t before. Here’s what I’ve learned…(and I’m only 4 months into this adventure)

Mom gets it done, somehow

First, I have a better appreciation for how hard it is to be a mom. There is just more volume of everything… things to do, things to learn, and things to think about. Mom gets it done. 

We want to make the food-side of life easier.

Doing what works for you is hard

There are no ‘right’ answers for every mom out there. If you’ve devoured any of Emily Oster’s books, you can even say there are very few unequivocally right answers at all! So shouldn’t that make it easier? Nope! I got this before, but today I feel the tension. 

We built Fooblie to be a resource where parents could take what they needed from the science and apply it to their reality. That is not easy to do.

My balance is not yours

In this parenting spectrum every family finds a balance between the  ‘it will all be ok’ side and the ‘this is the very best way according to experts, science and my child’s astrology’ side. I joke about star signs, but you get me. 

In this space I’ll share how I navigate the balance as an expert in nutrition and also a sleep deprived mama who is trying as hard as she can.

There needs to be more straight-talk

I hated being pregnant. I felt sea sick the entire time. Not one of my friends told me how bad it could be, so I thought I was the only one! Except my ‘I wish you were my friend’ friend, Amy Shumer. A shout out to her, who did tell it like it is in this docuseries, Expecting Amy. She felt like garbage and was still somehow incredibly productive, so huge ups to her! I was mostly napping to feel ok-ish. 

This is an extreme example, but Liv and I will share why, what and how we’re doing it over here. Including our disasters! We hope it might bring you some peace of mind or ideas to try in your own home. 

We still gotsa eat!

I love reading food blogs, drooling over IG and making a food plan for the week. My career is nutrition because I love food! Sad to say, the first thing that spiraled out of control on the new mom front was the food side of life. What’s for dinner (or lunch, breakfast and midnight snack..ok all snacks?)???! 

This has gotten better, but some weeks food feels like a chore. Anything I make must be easy, flavorful, healthful (mostly) and tasty! I also think about how what I eat flavors my breastmilk and influences Olivia’s future eating habits. Ahh! It’s a lot. Liv’s about to join us with real food, so that adds more complexity! 

I know it’s possible to raise a kid to love all foods. Join us as we figure it out and share everything that does and doesn’t work for us.

What’s new in this space? 

The short answer is some cool stuff. This is THE space for #momlife from pregnancy thru childhood. I’m here to share what really happens when an expert in maternal and child nutrition becomes a mom and feeds a child. Olivia and I are going for Emily Oster meets Pinch of Yum

We still have all our amazing doc-approved resources and classes for you. We’ll just keep the commentary and personal stuff to the blog.

Get ready for:

  • Drool worthy food inspiration, recipes and how I make modifications for Olivia’s plate
  • Honest reviews, like sharing my love/hate/love relationship with my Willow pump or my search for the perfect high chair
  • Deep dives into things I wish someone could tell me about like how to bake with brewer’s yeast or why babies get milk drunk.
  • Chats with Fooblie experts and friends about anything farm to belly
  • And so much more!

A big welcome!

So join me and Olivia and we figure out what works for us. As a parent I now appreciate how fast it all changes, so hopefully what works for one moment over here is helpful for you. Let’s enjoy it. 

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Xoxo, Melissa + Olivia