Why We Quit Our Jobs to Start Fooblie, A Nutrition Startup for Moms and Babies

Fooblie founder Melissa, breastfeeding her daugher.
We believe every child can learn to love all foods. We thought we’d tell you more about us and why we built Fooblie, a nutrition startup for moms and babies.

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Feeding kids is overwhelming! Fooblie is a nutrition startup that makes it easier for parents to feed themselves and their children from pregnancy through childhood. We’ve got you. Here’s our why.

Maria and Melissa, the cofounders of Fooblie
Maria & Melissa
Co-Founders of Foublie

Who’s behind Fooblie?

Maria Rivera is an accomplished pediatrician and public health expert. She is also raising a toddler in the age of information overload and Dr. Google. Dr. Maria dropped her clinic hours way down so she could build a nutrition startup. Even as an “expert” she understands the frustrations and emotions that come with feeding a kid (hello toddler tantrums and throwing food across the room). This is even harder in kids with food allergies. She wants families to know that there is support out there and we can be in this together!

Melissa Antal Iftimie wants to make it easier for you to feed your family. But healthy and nutritious don’t mean much these days, and who has time for that anyway? Melissa has worked with families across the world to understand what parents can do and want to do. She was underwhelmed by the resources available to American families on nutrition. So after business school she decided to take on the challenge. Bottom line: she wants to help you feed your family so they can grow up healthy and safe.

Parents need help

We have spoken to hundreds of parents to learn about the struggles and successes in figuring out what and how to feed kids. Food allergies? Picky eaters? Worried about weight? Sure, but parents are busy! Nutrition is hard and sometimes food can be scary. We started Fooblie to make it easier.

We’re here for the long game

Decisions parents make when a mom is breastfeeding and within the first months of eating foods have lifelong implications. For example, in the first 1000 days of life, from when a mom is pregnant to a child’s second birthday nutrition matters a lot. During this precious period a child’s brain and body are developing. What you eat when you are little impacts your future health, including the likelihood you will have food allergies, diabetes, or other chronic diseases including obesity. We want to establish a positive food foundation for every child. Out nutrition startup makes it possible! 

We love this job!

We are not startup junkies. Trust us, entering the startup world post-30 as women is not easy. You have to do a lot of convincing- convincing our partners that it’s a good idea (Our partners are the best!), convincing ourselves we made the right decision (We made the right decision!), and convincing the world that parents need more support when feeding their kids (they do!). We wake up every day and we are motivated! We are not risk-takers, we have something more powerful, we know we can make it easier to feed your child. Why not build that thing we needed yesterday?!

Want to work with us?

Calling all RDs! We are recruiting registered dietitians to join the team as Fooblie coaches and we’d love to have you on our team. Do you ‘do’ nutrition like us? Are you an entrepreneur at heart and want to join our nutrition startup? At Foublie we stand behind our values (evidence-based, real to your situation, judgement-free and empowering). If that sounds intriguing, check out the recruiting details here.

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